BASIC Expansions and variants – Commodore

July 23, 2012 in RSP2012

Here’s a list of some of the BASIC expansions, compilers and interpreters available for Commodore computers.



  • Simons’ BASIC (C=64): 114 new commands – Graphics and sound commands – Disk commands – Math commands – Programmers tools (Link)
  • Sprite BASIC (C=64): 47 new commands – Interrupt driven sound and sprite commands. (Link)
  • DotBASIC (C=64 – Disk): +100 new commands – Based on modular command libraries – Commands for strings, sprites, menus, music, etc. (Link)
  • TSB (C=64 – Disk): Tuned Simons’ BASIC – Fixed Bugs and 30 new commands. (Link)
  • ToolBASIC 7.5 (C=128): 36 new commands. (Link)

Compilers and Interpreters:

  • Austro-Speed 88(C=64): BASIC to p-code compiler, Blitz! compatible – Support for some BASIC expansions.(Link)
  • Becker BASIC (GEOS64): Interpreter with +270 new commands – Allow the creation of GEOS applications – Dev.environment. (Link)
  • Blitz! (C=64/C=128): BASIC to p-code compiler – Compiler directives. (Link)
  • geoBASIC (GEOS64): BASIC interpreter for GEOS – 100 commands.
  • BASIC Boss (C=64): BASIC to ML advanced compiler – Compiler directives. (Link)

Note: For those expansions, interpreters or compilers that allow to include inline assembly on the BASIC program (ie. DotBASIC, BASIC Boss), such feature should not be used as it collides with the competition’s rules.