Games: Splink by Gary Green

April 2, 2013 in Basic, Coding, Games, RSP2012

splink1Gart Green presents Splink, the first game for the MSX computers to enter Retrospectiva 2012.

Splink is a puzzle game in which you must guide 4 blue symbols  to their matching green targets while avoiding the deadly skulls.

The game is controlled with the keys 1 2 3 4 to move the symbols (all the symbols move at the same time in different directions) and the key 0 to stop the movement.

Splink is released simultaneously on the One Game a Month challenge.


  • Name: Splink
  • Author: Gary Green
  • Platform: MSX
  • Description: The aim of this game is to guide your 4 symbols to their matching targets as quickly as possible, whilst avoiding the deadly skulls. Use keys 1234 to move each symbol (each symbol moves in a different direction to each other one). Use 0 to stop movement.
  • Tools used: BlueMSX

splink2The archive contains the game as a cassete (.CAS) image.

Games: Mark Attack by Christian Santamaría

March 26, 2013 in Basic, Coding, Games, RSP2012

mark_attack1The third Commodore 64 game by Christian Santamaría is called Mark Attack, a platform game in which we must help a robot miner to pick diamonds, avoiding falling into the pits and escaping the monsters.

The game is controlled with the keyboard:

Left: H

Right: J

Up: U

Down: N

Jump: A


  • Name: Mark Attack
  • Author: Christian Santamaría
  • Platform: Commodore 64
  • Description: You must help the robot miner  to pick diamonds, avoid falling in the the pits and escape the monsters.
  • Tools used: Commodore 64, WinVICE, CBMPrgStudio


mark_attack2The archive contains the game in .PRG format

Games: La venganza del fantasma by marcosjl

March 23, 2013 in Basic, Coding, Games, RSP2012

fantasma1La venganza del fantasma (The ghost’s revenge) is Pac-Man mini-clone written by marcosjl in only 14 lines of Commodore 64 BASIC.

Instructions: Once you RUN the game, we must wait about 20 seconds while it unpacks (while doing so you can see an animated character in the upper left corner of the screen ) and then wait while it draws the entire maze. Once is finished drawing the screen, the game begins immediately. The player (represented on screen by a character who chews with his mouth open without stopping) moves using the Joystick in Port 2 and must eat all the dashes he encounters in his path. In the same maze there is a ghost, the spirit of a player who lost the game and returned with a vengeance. This specter will chase the player around the screen and there is no a countermeasure that can be taken to combat it, unlike other games where you can face the ghosts eating magic pills. The only alternative in this case is to flee. The game ends when the ghost eats the player (the display will show a message “BREAK IN 9″ which is a way of saying that the ghost won). Should you avoid being eaten by the ghost the game will end when the universe reaches maximum entropy and enters a state of complete thermodynamic equilibrium which is equal to the termal death of the entire universe, or when the player gets bored, whichever comes first. Eating all available dashes will give great satisfaction to the player, but nothing more.

  • Name: La venganza del fantasma
  • Author: marcosjl
  • Platform: Commodore 64 + Joystick
  • Description: Pac-Man mini-clone
  • Tools used: WinVICE

fantasma2The archive contains the game in .PRG format

Games: Simon Crazy by Christian Santamaría

March 18, 2013 in Basic, Coding, Games, RSP2012

simon1Christian Santamaría’s second Commodore 64 game is Simon Crazy a BASIC version of the classic color sequence memory game.

  • Name: Simon Crazy
  • Author: Christian Santamaría
  • Platform: Commodore 64
  • Description: BASIC version of the classic color sequence memory game.
  • Herramientas utilizadas: Built-in BASIC.


The archive contains the game in PRG format.



Games: BRIDGE RACER (1kb) by tomaes

March 15, 2013 in Basic, Coding, Games, RSP2012

screenshot-ingameThe third game for the Commodore 64 to enter the competition comes from the hand of tomaes.

Racer Bridge is a complete game written in under 20 lines of BASIC code, requiring less than 1KB of memory. It generates its own set of characters by modifying the  built in ROM charset.

The objective of the game is to go as far as possible, guiding your car across the road (using a joytick in port 2), dodging the holes in the ground and crossing the narrow bridges (in red).

To the right of the road, in orange is a damage counter, thies counter will increase each time your car hits a hole or gets out of the road. When it goes beyond 9 the game ends.

The best distance is saved to disk.


  • Name: BRIDGE RACER (1kb)
  • Author: tomaes
  • Platform: Commodore 64 (disco) + joystick
  • Description: A “fully featured” game in Commodore Basic v2, in less than 20 lines of code,  taking less than 1kb of Basic RAM.
  • Tools used: CBM Program Studio, VICE, DirMaster

The archive contains a disk image (D64) with the game and the information about the program in the file info.txt.