Games:A Romp in the Garden by Jim Gerrie

November 22, 2012 in Basic, Coding, Games, RSP2012

Jim Gerrie’s new game is a TRS-80 MC-10 port of the game ‘Garden’ for the Apple II, itself based on ‘Happening in the Garden’ for the Pravetz 8D.

The game objetive is guide your character through the garden stepping on as much grass as possible and destroying all the flowers while avoiding the watchdog.

Extra points awarded for guiding the dog to a bone.

The game is controlled with the keys W-A-S-Z.

  • Name: A Romp in the Garden
  • Author: Jim Gerrie
  • Description: A “digger”-like game using ASCII text graphics.
  • Platform: TRS-80 MC-10 with 16KB RAM expansion.
  • Tools used: TRS-80 MC-10,Virtual MC10 v0.73C emulator por Emucompboy

The archive contains the .c10 tape image for use with the emulator, the source code in text format and a text file with the delvelopment history.

To load the game on the emulator, type CLOAD<enter> then go to “File->Play Cassette file…” menu and select the ROMP.C10 file, once loaded, type RUN<enter> to play.
Another option is to use the “File-> Quick Type” menu to load the source code file: ROMP10.TXT

(Updated on November 25, minor fixes and gameplay enhancements)

Updated 26/01, Coco-Dragon version added.

Tandy Coco2/3 – Dragon 32/64 version:

  • Name: A Romp in the Garden
  • Author: Jim & Charlie Gerrie
  • Platform: Tandy Coco 2/3 – Dragon 32/64
  • Description: A “digger”-like game using ASCII text graphics.
  • Tools used: Virtual Color Computer for Windows by Joseph Forgione – MS WordPad – Real Tandy Colour Computer 2 and 3

The archive contains the game inside a disk image (.dsk)

  • Download: JGGAMES4 (Downloaded [downloadcount link=""] times)

Updated 12/03, improved Dragon version added.

This version have improved keyboard handling for Dragon computers.

  • Download: dragon_jimgerrie (Downloaded [downloadcount link=""] times)