Games: Battle Bots by Jim Gerrie

December 13, 2012 in Basic, Coding, Games, RSP2012

Batlbot3Battle Bots, a TRS-80 MC-10 game based on the concept of the classic RobotWar is the new entry by Jim Gerrie.

In the game we should program our robot to fight another robot in a 10 round battle.
For that porpuse we have available 9 different commands to create our 10 step program.
After every round we can refine our program.
For one or two players.

Updated on December 18: New commands and sense options.

  • Name: Battle Bots
  • Author: Jim Gerrie
  • Platform: Tandy TRS-80 MC-10 with 16KB RAM expansion.
  • Description: A RobotWar like game
  • Tools used: Real TRS-80 MC-10, Virtual MC10 v0.73C emulator by Emucompboy

Batlbot1The archive contains an cassete image file (.c10), the source code (.txt) and the programming notes and instructions.

  • Download: BATLBOTS (Downloaded [downloadcount link=""] times)

Updated on January 5: Tandy Coco2/3 – Dragon 32/64 version added.

Tandy CoCo 2/3 – Dragon 32/64 version:

  • Name: Battle Bots
  • Author: Jim & Charlie Gerrie
  • Platform: Tandy Coco2/3 – Dragon 32/64
  • Description: A RobotWar like game
  • Tools used: Virtual Color Computer for Windows by Joseph Forgione – MS WordPad – Real Tandy Colour Computer 2 and 3

The archive contains the game inside a disk image (.dsk) and the programming notes in text format.

  • Download: JGGAMES4 (Downloaded [downloadcount link=""] times)

Updated on March 12, improved Dragon version added.

This version have a improved keyboard handling for Dragon computers

  • Download: dragon_jimgerrie (Downloaded [downloadcount link=""] times)