Games: Dungeon Crawl by Jim Gerrie

December 28, 2012 in Basic, Coding, Games, RSP2012

Crawl1Dungeon Crawl is a 3D first person dungeon crawler for the Tandy TRS-80 MC-10 and Jim Gerrie’s new game.

Your peace-loving community is  being ravaged by the denizens of a pit fiend who has taken up residence at the bottom of a nearby dungeon. He has bewitched a range of creatures, including prior unwary adventurers. You  must search his 3 level lair and defeat him!

Inside the dungeon you’ll find more than a dozen different creatures. Some of these creatures will, once defeated, drop items that will help you advance in your quest.

Updated 29/12, some bugs fixed, code optimized.

  • Name: Dungeon Crawl
  • Author: Jim Gerrie
  • Platform: Tandy TRS-80 MC-10
  • Description: A first person 3-D dungeon crawler
  • Tools used: Real TRS-80 MC-10 – Virtual MC10 v0.73C emulator by Emucompboy – MS WordPad

Crawl2The archive contains a tape image (.c10) with the game, source code in text format and programming notes and instructions.

  • Download Crawl (Downloaded [downloadcount link=""] times)

Updated 05/01, Coco-Dragon version added.

Tandy Coco2/3 – Dragon 32/64 version:

  • Name: Dungeon Crawl
  • Author: Jim & Charlie Gerrie
  • Platform: Tandy Coco 2/3 – Dragon 32/64
  • Description: A first person 3-D dungeon crawler
  • Tools used: Virtual Color Computer for Windows by Joseph Forgione – MS WordPad – Real Tandy Colour Computer 2 and 3

The archive contains the game inside a disk image (.dsk) and the programming notes in text format.

  • Download: JGGAMES4 (Downloaded [downloadcount link=""] times)

Updated 12/03, improved Dragon version added.

This version have a improved keyboard handling for Dragon computers

  • Download: dragon_jimgerrie (Downloaded [downloadcount link=""] times)