Games: Memotest by Alakran

March 12, 2013 in Basic, Coding, Games, RSP2012

memotest1Eight months after releasing the preview of Memotest, Alakran has finished the work on his game.

Memotest is a concentration/pairs style game for the Commodore 64 written entirely in BASIC v2.

The game features graphics and sound, with both an intro and end of game screens, intro music and sound effects.

There’s 8 different card sets to choose from:

  1. Video Games
  2. Vegetables
  3. Technology logos
  4. Argentine soccer teams
  5. Music bands
  6. Sci-fi/Comics
  7. Chinese characters
  8. Dots

The game source is compiled using Austro compiler and graphic and musical data linked in with Masters’ Design Group Packer & Linker.


F1: Toggle  joystick or lightpen. If playing under VICE, select Datel lightpen emulation.

F3: Load a new set of cards

F5: Shows best time and program notes.

F7: Play. Press F7 again during game to return to the menu screen.

  • Name: Memotest
  • Author: Alakran
  • Descripction: Memotest (Concentration or Pairs) for lightpen or joystick, 40 cards, single difficulty.
  • Platform: Commodore 64  (disc), joystick or lightpen.
  • Tools used: CBMPRGStudio, Austro Compiler, Masters’ Design Group Packer & Linker, VICE, Timanthes


The archive contains a D64 disk image with the game and the extra card sets.

  •  Download: Memotest_final(Downloaded  [downloadcount link=""] times)