Games: Splink by Gary Green

April 2, 2013 in Basic, Coding, Games, RSP2012

splink1Gart Green presents Splink, the first game for the MSX computers to enter Retrospectiva 2012.

Splink is a puzzle game in which you must guide 4 blue symbols  to their matching green targets while avoiding the deadly skulls.

The game is controlled with the keys 1 2 3 4 to move the symbols (all the symbols move at the same time in different directions) and the key 0 to stop the movement.

Splink is released simultaneously on the One Game a Month challenge.


  • Name: Splink
  • Author: Gary Green
  • Platform: MSX
  • Description: The aim of this game is to guide your 4 symbols to their matching targets as quickly as possible, whilst avoiding the deadly skulls. Use keys 1234 to move each symbol (each symbol moves in a different direction to each other one). Use 0 to stop movement.
  • Tools used: BlueMSX

splink2The archive contains the game as a cassete (.CAS) image.