Games: Surfshooter by Brian Picchi

May 30, 2012 in Basic, Coding, Games, RSP2012

Face the marine life and beat the Bad Guy with your laser while surfing the waves!
This is the premise of Surfshooter, the Apple II game sent by Brian Picchi.

  • Name: Surfshooter
  • Author: Brian Picchi
  • Description: An action game with surfers and lasers.  Joystick recomended.
  • Platform: Apple II
  • Tools used: Ciderpress, Einstein Compiler, Notepad

Author notes: The program was written using the Hi-Res Apple II graphics mode (HGR for the title screen and HGR2 for the game).

The file contains a booting disk image with the game.

  • Download SSHOOTER(downloaded [downloadcount link=""] times)

That bird mean bussiness

Outsmart the Bad Guy!