Graphics: Osgeld’s Skull by Osgeld

December 14, 2012 in GFX, RSP2012

apple IIC rendered captured by TV time for linuxA new graphic for the Apple II by Osgeld, this time in DHGR monochrome mode.

  • Name: Osgeld’s Skull
  • Autohr: Osgeld
  • Platform: Apple II
  • Resolution: 560×192 DHGR Monochrome
  • Description: Skull by candlelight, 560×192 DHGR Monochrome. Monochrome monitor recommended, with color signal you will get a big loss of detail. Skull and candle images sourced from public domain, the rest is just fiddling around in the gimp.
  • Tools used: Gimp 2.26 (artwork) – Paint Shop Pro 6 (pc format conversion, pixel touchup) – DMONO (by Bill Buckels, for final image conversion)

The archive containes a disk image with the graphic (.DSK), the graphic in PNG format and several workstages (PNG).

  • Download: Osgeld Skull (Downloaded: [downloadcount link=""] times)