Graphics:Damn Cat by Osgeld

December 24, 2012 in GFX, RSP2012

apple IIC rendered captured by TV time for linuxA new Apple II graphic by Osgeld.
Damn Cat is a DHGR monochrome conversion of  a photograph of one of Osgeld’s cats.

  • Title: Damn Cat
  • Author: Osgeld
  • Platform: Apple II
  • Resolution: 560×192 DHGR monochrome
  • Description: Just one of my two cats being fat and lazy
  • Herramientas utilizadas: Gimp 2.26 (artwork) – Paint Shop Pro 6 (pc format conversion, pixel touchup) – DMONO (by Bill Buckels, for final image conversion)

The archive contains an autoboot disk image (.dsk) with the graphic and the workstages in .jpg format.

  • Download OsgeldDamnCat (Downloaded [downloadcount link=""] times)