Open Games

Retrospectiva 2008:

Rules for Open Games competition:

  1. The game can be written in any programming language
  2. Use of game making utilities such as SEUCK, GameMaker o AMOS incurr in a 25% score penalty
  3. Source code should be included and indicate the tools used.




Name: Boing
: Commodore 64 + disk drive.
Programming language y tools used: Sprite BASIC, DirMaster, Disk Maintenance.
Author: Pablo Roldán
Description: Pong style game for 1 or 2 players, with powerups.
How to use:
-To load:

To objetive of the game is obtain 5 point before your opponent.

You get a point by sending the ball beyond your opponent paddle.
At random times, a powerup will appear at the center of the game zone.

There’s 4 power-ups:

  • Slow ball: Slows down the ball for a short time, the ball color changes to pink
  • Fast ball: Speeds up the ball for a short time, the ball changes to red color.
  • Curve ball: The ball takes a parabolic path, instead of straight for a short time. The ball turns purple.
  • Wide paddle: Make the last paddle to touch the ball double the normal width for a short time.

To see the game source code:


Retrospectiva 2010:

Rules for Open Games competition:

  1. Original games for any 8, 16 or 32-bit platform, with the exception of  PC-Windows 95 or above, or MacOS X or above. Remakes/Ports are allowed but not encouraged.
  2. Only standard configurations, use of additional hardware must be optional and not needed for running the game.
  3. Any programming language or game making tool.

Questprobe2: Spiderman


Title: Questprobe2: Spiderman

Author: Antonio Robledo – Impulse 9

Platform: MSX

Format: 48KB Cartridge

Description: This is a MSX port of the clasic Spiderman text adventure called “Questprobe 2: Spiderman”. The game have been rewritten in assembler from scratch. Only the original Spectrum graphics have been used. The difficulty is a little lower and new system commands have been added.

After his journey to the moon, John Jameson, the son of J.J.Jameson, founds
a mysterious jewel. This jewel, called the biogem, owns a masterful power
bigger than atomic energy.

Returning to earth this space jewel is showed at Daily Bugle building with
presence of madame web, the famous medium.

Suddenly Six sinisters leading by Mystery kidnapped the building and steals
the biogem. Their idea is to spread chaos over the city while robber the
National Bank.

You have to recover the BIOGEM and all needed GEMS to stop Mystery’s plan.
It’s a job for spiderman.

Download: QSP2SP.LZH (43 KBytes)