Retrospectiva 2012 begins

May 6, 2012 in RSP2012

Welcome to another edition of Retrospectiva, the programming and digital creativity competition from

For this edition we have some major changes in the categories and organization.
It has been decided to limit the competition to only 8-bit platforms, the TI-99/4A being the only exception to this rule.
The duration of the competition has been increased to 11 months so that everyone can participate at their own pace. Entries are accepted from May 14, 2012 to April 14, 2013.
Taking example from successful competitions like MSXdev and RGCD, entries will be made public as they arrive.

In this edition we also have the invaluable assistance of Fundación Museo ICATEC, which will award prizes to the winners of each category. Besides helping with the organization and diffusion of the competition.



The categories for this edition are three:

  1. BASIC Games: Create a game in BASIC for any 8-bit platform. Only standard hardware configurations supported. But unlike other competitions we accept any variant or dialect of BASIC available for your platform. For more information see the rules.
  2. Graphics: As in previous editions we allow any graphics mode available via hardware or software. But limited to 8-bit platforms.
  3. Music: Create music for 8-bit computers.

Please read and understand the rules of the competition before deciding to participate, the main points to consider:

Entries must be:

  • Original
  • Of your own creation
  • Unpublished prior the date of publication of this post.


Without further ado, just have to say:

We look forward to your participation!