Short rules:

What?: Create a BASIC game, graphics or music for 8-bit computers.

How?: The Games can be created on any variant of BASIC and any graphic mode. Use of non-native tools is allowed, with certain restrictions.

When?: The call for entries is open between May 14, 2012 and April 14, 2013 inclusive.

Voting: There will be a week long public voting phase on Retrospectiva site.

Prizes: Major prizes, courtesy of the fundación museo ICATEC.

Entry submission: Choose between e-mailing your already complete entry or signing up and reporting the progress as you go along.


Full rules:

General Rules:

  1. All entries should be designed to run or play on 8-bit computers.
  2. Entries can be created using native tools or crossplatform tools for Windows, MacOS or Linux. This includes development environments, drawing programs and specialized trackers.
  3. Entries must be your own creation, and be unreleased, it must not have been made public prior to the presentation in this competition (see entry submission).
  4. Entries should be able to be freely distributed.
  5. You may submit more than one entry per person in one or more categories, see the rules for each category.
  6. Entries can be submitted individually or in groups.
  7. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any entry if they see fit.
  8. If there are insufficient entries in a category, categories will be combined until a sufficient number for voting is reached.
  9. No racist, violent or sexual content.
  10. The entry may include copyrighted materials of third parties only if the author(s) have obtained written permission to use it.


  1. Original games for any 8-bit platform(*), the game should be written in BASIC language.
  2. Any BASIC variant available natively for the selected platform is allowed.
  3. Only pure BASIC, use of external routines in machine code is not allowed, with the exception of calls to the system ROM via CALL, SYS, USR RANDOMIZE, etc..
  4. The game must be LIST-able. If the game is compiled, the original code must be included, which should run on the selected platform natively.
  5. The use of cross-development environments that run on PC / Mac / Linux is allowed, but consistent with the previous point any function that prevents the BASIC code to run natively should not be used.
  6. Remakes or ports are allowed but not encouraged (see section 10 of the General Regulations).
  7. Only standard configurations, use of additional hardware should be optional and not necessary to run the game.
  8. Only Spanish or English is accepted for games text.

(*) As an exception to this rule, we allow the submission of entries for the TI-99/4

  1. Only original graphics, graphic conversion is allowed only if the original material is is your own work.
  2. Any hard or soft graphic mode available.
  3. In case of non-standard file formats adequate visualization software must be provided along with the image. It is recommended to submit the image as an executable.
  4. At least 4 workstages should be included with your entry.
  1. Only music created for the synthesizers of beepers of old computers.
  2. Should be presented in standard format files (eg .. SID. PSG) or as executable.
  3. Covers of commercial music is not permitted, unless you have the necessary permissions.


The call for entries is open between May 14, 2012 and April 14, 2013 inclusive.

The voting phase will last one week and will begin immediately after evaluating the last entries received.

Juries and vote:

The jury will consist of admins and the Fundación Museo ICATEC: The jury will determine the validity of the work and compliance with the rules of the competitions.

The winners of the competitions will be determined by public vote. In case of a tie it will be the jury who has the final decision.

Honorable mentions will also be awarded, as defined by the jury.


The first place winners in each category will be awarded a Proton 7″ tablet computer (*) each courtesy of the Fundación Museo ICATEC.

In addition, the Fundación Museo ICATEC offers winners and honorable mentions, the option of seeing their work published in the Revista de Tecnología e Informática Histórica.

(*) Brand and model subject to availability.


Entry submission / Registration in the competition:

There are two ways to enter the competition:

Submitting a completed entry: Send an e-mail to info(at) your completed work including the following info:

  • Name and/or nick/handle of the author(s) (If a group, group name and credits for each member)
  • Name of the entry
  • Description
  • Platform
  • Tools used

Once the jury has assessed the validity of the work, this will be released at the site of the competition. And group/author(s) added to the list of contestants.

- Registration: For those without an already complete entry, but who want to participate and optionally show the process of creation.

To register you must send the following information via e-mail to info(at)

  • Name and/or nick/handle of the author(s) (If a group, group name and credits for each member)
  • Name of the entry
  • Description
  • Platform
  • Tools to be used.
  • Web address where you’ll publish the work in progress. (Optional)

All these data will be temporary in nature and may be amended if needed during the course of competition.

If the optional web address points to a topic in a forum, the creation date of the first message must not be earlier than the start of competition.

Upon completion of the work, follow the steps above to send a finished work for evaluation by the jury.

Only completed works will take part in the vote.

If you have any doubt or question please check our FAQ.

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