Retrospectiva 2012: Menciones

April 30, 2013 en Basic, Coding, Games, GFX, Music, RSP2012

A continuación presentamos una breve selección de trabajos presentados que a nuestro criterio merecen mención.

Menciones al mejor uso de las limitaciones de un modo gráfico:



  • TREE’81 (ZX-81) por PIESU/AGENDA
  • Laugh (ZX-81) por mono/tristese





Menciones a los juegos que más exprimen el hardware:


  • Memotest (Commodore 64) por Alakran
  • Double Deadly Orbs (Apple II) por Brian Picchi





Menciones a la originalidad:


  • Splink (MSX) por Gary Green
  • Surfshooter por Brian Picchi





 Menciones a la Jugabilidad:


  •  A Romp in the Garden (Tandy MC-10/CoCo/Dragon) por Jim Gerrie
  • El extraño caso de la lombriz… (Commodore 64) por marcosjl





Mención Especial:



Complete packs with all the entries – Available for download

April 15, 2013 en RSP2012


As a previous step to the voting phase, we are providing with a complete entry pack, a single archive comprising all the entries presented to the competition.

Retrospectiva 2012 – Complete Pack

Individual packs for the graphics and BASIC games categories are also available:

Retrospectiva 2012 Graphics Pack

Retrospectiva 2012 – BASIC Games pack

Games: Double Deadly Orbs updated

April 14, 2013 en Basic, Coding, Games, RSP2012

Just in time, right before the reception of entries is closed, Brian Picchi sends an updated version of his game Double Deadly Orbs.

Included is the version with music that doesn’t take part of the competition.

Juegos: Double Deadly Orbs actualizado

April 14, 2013 en Basic, Coding, Games, RSP2012

Justo antes del cierre de recepción de entradas, Brian Picchi entrega una version actualizada de su juego Double Deadly Orbs.

Incluye la versión con música que no participa de la competencia.

Games: REC by DamianWorf

April 12, 2013 en Basic, Coding, Games, RSP2012

rec1DamianWorf presents REC(Recuerda El Color – Remember The Color), his version of the classic game Simon, for MSX  computers.

REC is controlled with the cursor keys and can be played alone against the computer or against another player, taking turns.

  • Name: REC
  • Author: DamianWorf
  • Platform: MSX
  • Description: This game tests our ability to memorize a sequence of colors and sounds. You can play alone, leveling up, or against an opponent. To play, look closely at the sequence of colors of your opponent. When the computer tells it’s your turn, you must repeat the sequence shown using the cursor keys for each color. If there are two players, each will add a new key after completing the sequence performed by the last!. Best of luck!
  • Tools used: BlueMSX

rec2The archive contains a autoboot disk image.